Support a Young Hunter/Trialer…

Good afternoon everyone,

Some of you may remember the stake outs that were given as judge’s gifts for the GSPCO Walking Trial in September of 2013. These stake outs are made by a young man who recently lost his dog in the Almost Heaven Kennel fire, and is hoping to get another dog soon. Here some information about the young man and the stake outs:

His Father is a certified welder and has taught him how to weld these up, with a MUCH stronger attachment point than the typical “u-bolt” attachment points where the welds break. He is asking $25.00 plus shipping for the stake out with the add a link attachment at the swivel and $26.00 plus shipping for an additional snap swivel at the attachment point.
He is offering several options and is making these to help fund his bird dog addiction.
Christopher’s Contact is:
cell: (304) 822-0284
email: [email protected]
Christopher Shahan
c/o Chris Shahan
RR1 Box 11A
Augusta, WV. 26704

The horse and dog stake outs can be viewed on this facebook page (you do not have to be a facebook member) :

Why am I telling you this?  Because Bruce Shaffer is coming to Ohio for the GSPCO banquet and has agreed to bring stake outs from WV to NE Ohio.

Please contact Chris ASAP if you would like new stakeouts for your dogs or horses for this upcoming field trial/hunt test season.

Warm regards,

Cheryl Knight

Super Cold and Dehydration.

Happy New Year Everyone!

The temperatures here in Ohio will be dropping below temperatures seen in decades, and the decline is starting tonight. Even dogs who are kenneled outside through the winter will feel the effects of this dramatic temperature drop. Please keep an extra eye on your pets over the next few days. Here are some things to consider in the extreme cold:

Hypothermia: If your pet is shivering, lethargic, has a slow heartbeat or breathing, hypothermia may be underway.

Dehydration: Dogs, horses, and people can get dehydrated in the winter just as they can in the summer if they don’t get enough water to drink. This is particularly true if your dog’s water dish is in any danger of freezing over. Always make sure your dogs and horses have access to fresh, liquid drinking water at all times, no matter what the weather. This may mean breaking ice several times a day.

Don’t Poison Your Pets: Antifreeze is a commonly kept in garage or other storage buildings, but MUST be kept away from all dogs and cat because it can be fatal in consumed. It smells good and tastes sweet, but is a deadly poison that can kill your pet.

Stay warm,

Cheryl Knight

GSPCO Secretary


December Newsletter

Happy Holidays GSP Club of Ohio! 

You can click here: GSPCO Newsletter December 13 or find the newsletter attached.

Sorry for the duplicate e-mails.

What’s in the newsletter:

  • 2014 Officers and Board Members and the calendar
  • ***Sportsman of the year award nomination (due to Cheryl Knight by 12/15- can e-mail)
  • Membership renewal form
  • Almost Heaven GSP Fire Article
  • GSPCO Horseback Field Trial Recap
  • Classifieds.


Our next membership meeting is at 7:30pm on January 30, 2014 at Brewsters in Twinsburg, OH


Warm regards,

Cheryl Knight

November Meeting Reminder

November membership is scheduled for 11/14 at 7:30pm.

The board will meet at 7:00pm

This is the election meeting, so attendance is appreciated. In hopes of drawing the majority of the membership, it was voted at the last meeting to raffle off a seat at the annual banquet. Each member who attends the meeting next week will receive a raffle ticket; the prize will be drawn at the conclusion of the meeting.

Hope to see you there!


Cheryl Knight

Hunt Test- Pending Cancellation- E-mail Secretary

Our entry numbers are low for the hunt test scheduled next weekend. We are considering cancelling it. We need to know if there are pending entries or premiums on their way.

  • If you are planning on running a dog but haven’t sent in your premiums yet, contact Kitty Brewer
  • If you sent in your premiums in the last day or so and she should receive them shortly, contact Kitty Brewer

Secretary:  Kitty Brewer             740-815-8982                    [email protected]


Hunt Test Information can be found at the link below.

We will let you know no later than Monday, October 21 if the event has been cancelled.

Thank you,

Cheryl Knight


Raffle Donations and Happy Hour

GSPCO Horseback Field Trial – Sept. 27, 28 & 29 – Raffle/Happy Hour


We will be having a raffle and happy hour at our Fall trial at Barkeyville this weekend.  If anyone has any items to donate to the raffle, please bring them to the trial.  Also, we are looking for a few delicious appetizers for our happy hour… about a few wild game dishes from all of you hunters.  We already have smoked fish and venison being made by Russ.  Might be fun to have a few more interesting dishes.

We always have a great time at our trial, even if you are not running a dog, come on out to the trial and enjoy the weekend.  Thanks in advance to anyone who brings a raffle or food item.


Laurie Brown – Raffle

Diane Roth – Happy Hour