Super Cold and Dehydration.

Happy New Year Everyone!

The temperatures here in Ohio will be dropping below temperatures seen in decades, and the decline is starting tonight. Even dogs who are kenneled outside through the winter will feel the effects of this dramatic temperature drop. Please keep an extra eye on your pets over the next few days. Here are some things to consider in the extreme cold:

Hypothermia: If your pet is shivering, lethargic, has a slow heartbeat or breathing, hypothermia may be underway.

Dehydration: Dogs, horses, and people can get dehydrated in the winter just as they can in the summer if they don’t get enough water to drink. This is particularly true if your dog’s water dish is in any danger of freezing over. Always make sure your dogs and horses have access to fresh, liquid drinking water at all times, no matter what the weather. This may mean breaking ice several times a day.

Don’t Poison Your Pets: Antifreeze is a commonly kept in garage or other storage buildings, but MUST be kept away from all dogs and cat because it can be fatal in consumed. It smells good and tastes sweet, but is a deadly poison that can kill your pet.

Stay warm,

Cheryl Knight

GSPCO Secretary


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