2018 Walking Trial – Thank You

“Thank You” to all who came out to support the GSPCO’S Walking Trial held Labor Day weekend. It was a very warm weekend but a successful one. I would like to especially thank Russ and Diane Roth, Scott and Anne Weslow, Brian and Eileen Smith, Dennis and Sherry Meinke, Paul and Kathy Gall, John Costanzo, Neal Bly and Bob Reynolds for all of the wonderful appetizers, desserts, raffle donations, bird planting, kitchen help and all of the support you each provided when needed. We have great club members who put their hearts and energy into making each event a successful one and for that We are thankful!

Gale and Cheryl Graves




The GSPCO invites you to attend our Spring Championship and Weekend Horseback Field Trial at the Tri-Valley Wildlife Area in Dresden, Ohio on April 23 – 29, 2018.

CLOSING DATE TO SUBMIT ENTRIES for both events on Saturday April 21, 2018!  All entries must be completed in full and received, with payment enclosed, by 7:00 pm (ET)                                                    Make checks payable to: GSPCO.

 Email entries will be accepted, but payment must be received prior to the drawing!   If your payment has not been received, you will not be drawn.

Camping:  The facilities at these grounds are now equipped with electricity, however, there are NO electric hookups available for camping rigs.  Generators will be needed!  Water is available for dogs and horses.  Please bring your own drinking water.

GSPCO is responsible for removing all trash from the grounds after our trial. Therefore, it is your responsibility to remove your garbage from the Field Trial Grounds – DO NOT empty your trash in the trash barrels on the grounds.  Please take it home with you.  Thanks for your cooperation on this policy.

It is participants’ obligation to leave occupied areas in the same condition as it was upon their arrival.  Any discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the GSPCO FT committee as soon as possible.  Should any participant be in violation of this policy, they agree to pay $20 to the GSPCO, which will be applied to grounds clean up and maintenance.  By signing the entry form, all participants agree to this policy.

All participants agree to indemnify and hold harmless the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Ohio (GSPCO) and it’s officers from and against any claims arising out of any and all personal injuries, property damage, other losses, or expenses incurred, suffered, or sustained by any person or entity, during, or in connection with, activities held on the dates stated with the GSPCO.  By signing the entry form, all participants agree to this policy.

A Light Breakfast and Lunch will be available on the grounds daily. Dinner will be catered a few nights during the week and on Saturday night.  Please sign up promptly for dinners, as we have to give a specific count to the caterer.  WE WILL BE HAVING A HAPPY HOUR PRIOR TO DINNER ON SATURDAY EVENING.  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO BRING SOMETHING TO SHARE. WE WILL ALSO BE ACCEPTING RAFFLE ITEMS FOR THE RAFFLE ON SATURDAY NIGHT.

Jennifer Sheehan, FT Secretary:                                  Cell Phone:  330-607-1064 Robert Reynolds, FT Chairman;                                  Cell Phone:  330-718-2100

For all Emergencies: Dial 911.  Emergency Disaster Plan Procedures will be posted in the Clubhouse. 

Instructions to the Field Trial, Listing of Hotels, and a copy of the Disaster Plan have been included with your premium.

Rooms are available at hotels in Zanesville or Coshocton.  Please contact hotels directly for reservations and to find out about their cancelation and/or pet policies.

Thank you to Purina for their continued generous support to our club.  Also, thank you to all of the people who donated food, raffle items, and their time helping out at the Spring Field Trial.

Please remember to follow all posted rules and regulations on the grounds.

The GSPCO appreciates your cooperation in complying with these policies.




2018 Directions Spring Champion & Horseback Trial


Field Trial: Food and Raffle Donations needed

Food and Raffle donations needed for our Fall Horseback Field Trial at Tri-Valley Wildlife Area in Dresden, Ohio on September 30 – October 1, 2017.

We are needing lunch items like soup and cookies, dinner items of appetizers or desserts and raffle items.

Please email Laurie Brown at [email protected] and let her know what you can bring.

Thanks for all your help.