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Good afternoon everyone,

Some of you may remember the stake outs that were given as judge’s gifts for the GSPCO Walking Trial in September of 2013. These stake outs are made by a young man who recently lost his dog in the Almost Heaven Kennel fire, and is hoping to get another dog soon. Here some information about the young man and the stake outs:

His Father is a certified welder and has taught him how to weld these up, with a MUCH stronger attachment point than the typical “u-bolt” attachment points where the welds break. He is asking $25.00 plus shipping for the stake out with the add a link attachment at the swivel and $26.00 plus shipping for an additional snap swivel at the attachment point.
He is offering several options and is making these to help fund his bird dog addiction.
Christopher’s Contact is:
cell: (304) 822-0284
email: [email protected]
Christopher Shahan
c/o Chris Shahan
RR1 Box 11A
Augusta, WV. 26704

The horse and dog stake outs can be viewed on this facebook page (you do not have to be a facebook member) :

Why am I telling you this?  Because Bruce Shaffer is coming to Ohio for the GSPCO banquet and has agreed to bring stake outs from WV to NE Ohio.

Please contact Chris ASAP if you would like new stakeouts for your dogs or horses for this upcoming field trial/hunt test season.

Warm regards,

Cheryl Knight

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