Condolences to Diane & Russ Roth

As we know, all good bird dogs go to grouse heaven.  Three days shy of his 15th birthday Diane, Russ, Eddie and Pete said goodbye to their FC/AFC Pine Acres Rusty Saddle.  Rusty will be missed by the field trial world as he was a naturally-broke pup.  He will live on through his pups.  He sired many good field trial pups including: Smitty(Brian & Eileen Smith); Edge(Neil Bly); Eddie and Pete (Russ & Diane Roth); Reba and Kiera (Dennis & Sher Meinke) and Buster (Dan Meinke).

Thank you from the GSP Club of Ohio

The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Ohio would like to extend a whole hearted THANK YOU to all the volunteers and competitors whole helped make the Ohio Championship and the AKC Field Trial safe and incredibly successful. Hope to see you in the fall.


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Fall Field Trials Dates are:

Walking August 31-September 1 at the PA Brittany Grounds in Barkeyville, PA

chair: Cheryl Knight     [email protected]

Horseback September 26-September 28 at the PA Brittany Grounds in Barkeyville, PA

chairs: Diane and Bill Fazio    [email protected]