Support needed to oppose new High Volume Dog definition

Mr. Sexton from US Alliance is asking for our help in opposing current legislation that is going before the Ohio House and Senate.   They want to change the wording on the High Volume Dog  from its present definition of 9 dog and 60 puppies produced to:  5 intact females if one puppy is sold to a retail pet store you would be consider high volume or 5 intact female and 60 puppies sold.  This is aimed at puppy mills but will have an effect on breeders if it is passed

He would like to have ABDCO’s support to suppress the bill until next session they are trying to push it through and add it on to either house bill 513 or senate bill 311 before the end of this session.  We need to act immediately. Asking you to contact your individual clubs for support also.   He can do a conference call to explain in more detail if we need him to.   Need your input ASAP He would like to be able to show a united front opposed to this bill.   Additionally they are asking for alternate definition from us.

Jeannie Wagner

Secretary / Treasurer

[email protected]  or [email protected]


Fact Sheet: oda_highvolume


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